Sunday, December 14, 2008


WELL ,WE ARE IT ,LEVEL ONE CHAMPION YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A so we had a great weekend coming first in three classes and second in one ,winning the challenge class with 73% and the 1.2 with 75%,after seeing the draw of who was in my class I got a little worried having Kallista in the class with 2 horses [one out of waikare by weltmeyer]is always a worry, but I thought no stuff it I can beat them and so I did ,All-White was very well behaved but does not like being in a yard or stable ,she poores the ground,eats the wood [any wood]or spins in circles,so not much sleep for me as I was parked next to her with the float and she kept talking to me,its all learning for her I didnt have to lunge her before I got on so thats a bonus,the travel wasnt too bad she poores the ground a little and gets a little sweaty,now we can have a couple of weeks rest .to clear the mind

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